Karen Lawson, PhD, CSP

Dr. Karen Lawson is an international consultant, speaker, and author. She is president of Lawson Consulting Group, Inc., a consulting firm, specializing in organization and management development. Karen is also a founding partner of TACTools. She has extensive consulting and workshop experience in the areas of management, team development, communication, and quality service. She has held many key leadership positions in professional organizations and has also received numerous professional awards for her contribution to the training profession. Karen holds a doctorate in Adult and Organizational Development from Temple University. She earned her MA from the University of Akron and BA from Mount Union College. She is also a graduate of the National School of Banking in Fairfield, Connecticut. She is the author of 8 books: The Art of Influencing; The Trainer’s Handbook; Train-the-Trainer Facilitator’ Guide; Improving Workplace Performance Through Coaching; Improving On-the-Job Training and Coaching; New Employee Orientation Training; 50 Communications Activities; and Involving Your Audience: Making It Active. She is also co-author of 101 Ways to Make Training Active, and has contributed to a number of anthologies as well as published dozens of articles in professional journals.

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Karen Lawson, PhD

1365 Gwynedale Way
Lansdale, PA 19446-5366
Email: Solutions@LawsonCG.com
Web: http://www.LawsonCG.com




William G. Stieber, PhD, CSP

Dr. William G. Stieber is president of Orchestrated Dynamics, Inc., a training and organization development firm specializing in a three-pronged approach to managing change - leadership development, team building and development and process improvement/organization redesign. He is also a founding partner of TACTools. Bill has held a number of professional and leadership positions in management development, training and development and organization design and development for several firms in the manufacturing and financial services prior to starting his own practice. He holds a B.S. from Pennsylvania State University; an M.B.A from LaSalle University; and a Ph.D. in Adult and Organization Development from Temple University. Bill is the author of Teaming for Improvement (BookPartners, 1999) and contributor to Thriving on Change in Organizations (Select Press, 1997); has developed many written instruments, simulations, and articles published in Mel Silberman's Active Training Program series.

Please Learn more about Bill by contacting or visiting him at:

Bill Stieber, PhD
Orchestrated Dynamics, Inc.
2865 So. Eagle Road PMB # 388
Newtown, PA 18940
Phone: 1-800-933-6165
Fax: 1-215-860-4398
Email: Bill.S@Stieber.com
Web: http://www.Stieber.com
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